John Ellis

Album Project 2019

Project Day 5 to 12


Recording has come along nicely.  After a pause for the holidays, I may have finally finished "Winter Solstice" and can begin the final production touches on that song, while preparing to move on to the next song.


Project Day 3 and 4


Progress on the project is slow and steady.  Winter Solstice is coming along as a recording and I made a breakthrough with Autumn Hours.


Project Day 2


Progress is slow, but Winter Solstice is coming along.  Forgetting that you are trying to record is part of the key to successful recording.


Project Day 1


My new recording project began on December 12.  It's a 20 song collection that I hope to tackle in a few months.  Instrumentals and full songs will be part of the project and I chose one of each to get started.


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