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I'm recording an Album


I'm recording an album - it sounds like a singular thing.  "Hey great, so I guess you'll be finished soon since you're recording."  Not quite.  An album is composed of hundreds of decisions.  And if you haven't finished some of the songwriting decisions before recording, then they are also part of the recording process - on top of all the decisions you have to make about the recording process.


Two Paths Diverge


Taking a turn can be a path to discovery and an opportunity to overcome fear.


From the First Note


Songwriting is a process of writing songs - bad songs are part of the process.  When you're starting out, be ready to write bad songs and embrace it as part of the process.  In the end there are no bad songs, just the songs you decide to put out in the world and songs that you discard or set aside.  But not writing bad songs means that you're not writing.


One Year Ago I Was Ten Years Behind


One year ago this month I released my first album which is available on CDBaby .  That release brought my recording projects up to date by about 10 years.  In this post I reflect on the time it takes to finish songs and what my first release has meant to me.



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I have just recently finished recording the song 'Brother'.  Please list comments about this or any of the other songs you hear on my website.  Feedback is appreciated.


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- John


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