Next Album In Progress!

I never stop writing.  But I do stop writing certain songs, which means it takes too long to get them done.  Sometimes it's for good reason.  When you want to say something specific, you have to wait until you find the right words.

Now I have much of what I need to move on to the next album.  Recording should start soon.  I hope to have some new music on this website very soon, so check back occasionally, or better yet, sign up for the newsletter!

If you are interested in downloading my music or purchasing a homemade CD-R, you can contact me through the Contact page.

Please let me know if there is something you're looking for that you do not find.

My music has roots in blues and the hard rock I listened to in my youth.  Find out more about how it all began in 'The Story' and where it's heading in the 'News' section.

Use the Sound Stream music player to listen to music.  You can also listen and get additional information by going to each song's page under the 'Music' link on the website.

Music means a lot to me and it is my hope that my music will mean a lot to you. As you listen, you will hear my attempt to meld emotion, dreams and life experience into my own sound. The creative process is continuous. New ideas are born every day. As those ideas turn into a complete song, I will post new information here. Thank you for visiting and listening - John



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