I've Loved Music All of My Life

Born and raised in the Richmond, Virginia area, I have been moved by music, literally longer than I can remember. I was told that as a baby, I would cry every time certain songs were played. Around age 8, I was singing in a church choir, where I got my first feel of performing and being part of a musical group. One day in elementary school, during a 'free time', a friend of mine played songs from the album 'Rock 'n' Roll Over' by KISS. Since that day, my mind was locked on the task of seeking out the sound of that electrified guitar! I just couldn't forget it, and I remember pestering my mom all the time to "get me a rock and roll record". At age 10, I was playing my first guitar, learning children's songs and folk tunes on the acoustic guitar. I should have spent more time studying what the guitar teacher was instructing, but I really wanted to learn how to play rock and roll. I tinkered with that acoustic guitar off and on at home, while playing trumpet for four years in junior-high and high-school.

At age 16, I bought a cheap electric guitar from a friend of my brother. I took lessons for a year or so, and just kept on playing. My first band experience was in high school. That band lasted about a year, then I joined another band after graduation, which also lasted a year or two. In that second band I experienced the first taste of a live crowd. In a small, smokey room that someone had rented, we were the opening band. No more than 20 people attended, but that was enough to whet my appetite and keep me thinking about playing live on a regular basis. After the second band broke up, I decided to go back to college and finish up my business studies, but I could never shake the desire to pursue music. Most afternoons after classes, I'd go home and jam along to CD's from favorite bands, especially ZZ Top and AC/DC. Those two bands are great for jamming because of the steady, driving riffs and drum rhythms. Great stuff for just letting it rip!

After about 15 years of jamming here and there, experimenting with home recording and getting my 'day job' career established, I decided to seek out the support of fellow songwriters and get back into live performing. I've been performing at least once every few months since 2006. I get new song ideas often, but only get about one or two songs written per year. I'm now working to complete my first full length recording of music that has been written over the past 15 to 20 years and I hope to release it in early 2009.

                               John Ellis 01/28/2009