John Ellis started the show with Just What You’re Looking For, an instrumental he wrote for his brother’s wedding. A tender, smooth melody found its way up and down the neck of his electric guitar. He then covered Gary Shaver’s A Crying Shame (blaming himself for losing his girlfriend to another guy), and moved into another instrumental, A Timepiece. I Wish You Would was co-written with a friend, and had some wonderful Mother Nature images about beautiful trees, mountains, valleys, etc. Chimes was another tender instrumental with stellar finger-picking on the electric guitar, but then morphed into a rocking Groove Thing, which reminded me of Felix Pappalardi’s early guitar playing in the group Mountain. T.J.’s Jam was a relentless, driving rock song reminiscent of ZZ Top. The Stranger is a new song (“love is a stranger I can’t get to know”)John wrote recently, and I thought I detected a bit of Carlos Santana influence in there, but who knows! Brother is another new song of John’s, where he states “When you give a woman your soul, you’ve lost control”. I thought I heard some Stephen Stills licks in that one! In My Place was another serious rocking number where a woman unfortunately had to put him in his place! Everyone enjoyed the lightning-fast guitar playing John delivers, and the cool effects he coaxes out of his stompbox!” - Steve Nuckolls

Virginia Organization of Composers & Lyricists