Project Day 5 to 12 

I got behind on the blogging with the activity of the holidays and the excitement of everything including the album project.  Spending an hour or two here and there helps to make progress.  Each take of "Winter Solstice" showed improvements, but it was quite a task to get everything the way I wanted in a precise performance.

Although many songs are part of my rehearsals, I have set them aside for recording sessions to focus on "Winter Solstice".  On Day 11, January 4, 2019, the focus and the many takes…

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Project Day 3 and 4 

On December 14 and 15 I spent a few hours each day on the album.  The instrumental Winter Solstice is coming along.  The performances I've recorded are not quite there, so it's more takes to try and get it right.  I could Frankenstein the song, but that's not the route I want to take.

On Saturday I made good progress on the song Autumn Hours.  It is a song I've worked on for many years off and on trying to capture the feeling of autumn that I experience each year.  I think I've made a break through and…

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Project Day 2 

Today's short session was about 2 to 3 hours.  I focused on trying to finish Winter Solstice.  The performances get better every few times I try it, but there's still a ways to go before I have finished.  I'm hoping day 3 yields the results I want.

I've definitely learned patience with the recording process.  My first recording project was filled with frustration, mostly because my expectation was that songs that I have performed hundreds of times would be easy to record.  Something about the record…

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Project Day 1 

The launch of my next big music project was on December 12.  I had reached that point where something felt right - I had some free time on my calendar, I made progress on some important songs, and I had been reviewing some new recording software.  One task seemed to flow into another and it just felt like now is the time.

I have set some rather ambitious goals for this project.  I have listed 20 songs that are in different stages of completion.  Some are completely finished except for the recording…

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