In to 2020: Project Day Unknown

Once again life took over my plans and last year's recording project had to be put on hold while personal things were taken care of and the full time job got its share of my life.  My website service was merged into another company, I had to take care of family for a while, my time was almost completely absorbed by the job routine for several months, it was a bit of an adventure up to the whole coronavirus take over of the world economy.

In February 2020, as the coronavirus emergency was heating up, my time was still occupied, but a little more flexible.  I began rehearsing with the intent of starting up the recording process again.  In between some of the family responsibilities and taking care of daily home life I was getting my hands in shape with practices and rehearsals.  In February I was able to get recording done for the song "Honestly".  Recording was surprisingly smooth in consideration of the long break in the project.  It's a full song with lyrics and midi drums, so to get it done quickly was a welcome change for me.  I need to do a few drum edits and a final mix to have the song completely finished.  As I moved into March, I had to set the recording project aside, begin another rehearsal regimen when I had the time, then pick back up on the recording in late March and early April.

In April I focused on instrumentals.  There are two in particular that I hope to have done during the spring.  "Walking with Sharon" is the first instrumental that I recorded and I think I have the final take.  I like to do the instrumentals in one take when I can, so it took a couple of weeks to get the exact recording that I wanted.  Now I'm moving on to another instrumental.

Touching up lyrics on songs that are in the recording queue has been another task weaved into the time spent rehearsing and recording.  I have many songs that I can record and I hope most of them will be part of the current project.  A few need lyric edits or additional music, so that will be my focus once the current instrumental is finished.

This is an exciting time for me personally and I hope to have more to write up soon.  Take care of yourself and your families and make the most of each day. ~John

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