Nearing Completion

I'm very happy to be close to wrapping up the recording project for the latest album.  It should all be done a week after this post.  There will be some more time devoted to getting the administrative work done for copyright and publishing, but August should be the latest time of release.  Additional time will be needed to hear the album on each platform such as YouTube, Tidal, and Spotify, but the album will be "out there" in the world shortly.

I last blogged about the recording of "Autumn Hours" I recently listened back to the recording for any final touch up needed.  I was happy with how the song turned out.  There were some challenges for me in recording this song, but it seems my persistence paid off in terms of getting the results I wanted.

In all, I have recorded six new songs, one of them instrumental, and I'm about to finish one other full song, and two guitar-only instrumentals over the next week.  This will make a 10 song album.  I am very glad to have been able to get the project done this year and hope to have another album done in  year or two.  This is a two album project, so the coming release will be volume I.

Stay tuned for more news on the current release and any additional recording notes.

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