June/July Update

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted anything to the website. The past two months flew by like a cool breeze on a hot day! Thanks to everyone who has visited the website in July. The visits are growing and I hope that continues. It would be great if you'd leave some comments on the 'guestbook' or visit the 'contact info' to send me an e-mail. Since I last updated this journal, I have made a couple of guest appearances (I will add those later), performed some short sets on the VOCAL Showcase stage as well as opening some shows for a local band. So the music has not stopped, it's just been blended with all the other things going on in my personal life. In addition to the guest appearances, I have done some open mic performing to meet other musicians and keep myself in front of a crowd. It's been a good experience and has led to some of the other performances I mentioned above. I will get back to recording soon (in the next week). I have to pick up where I left off, which means I have to rehearse a little to remember what I wanted to play, then I need to record it. I think the results will be worth the delay. I've started work on another song, tried to add some more music to a previous instrumental number and just tried to keep the ideas fresh in my mind. Hopefull I can hit a 'recording streak' in the near future and get a lot done. Send some positive energy my way to make sure it happens! I'll be back soon....

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